While our company follows these changes of global world through expos, social events, sectoral conferences and meetings with all the details, it has achieved to become prominent with many references by producting machines which ease to catch up with these developments for the productors of our region and also our country, reduce the man power and save cultivation areas by improving their structures and raise the quality of the process of progress of the products.

There is 7 different categories in which we serve to agricultural productors with professional serial agricultural machines. All the agricultural machines of Ekenmak have been approved by Uludağ University and they have test reports. Therefore, we achieve to be a preferred brand with its substructure of service and ease of use.

Besides, our net of service which provides us to get references in the region leads us to be more closely interested in our productors and to meet the necessary demands.

We try to put general information of our machines on this website, please call us to learn more details.